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MOONbow ARTworks was established in 2002 by Jen Otey in Girdwood Alaska following shamanic training she recieved while living there. Since that time the studio has moved and traveled where Spirit guides her to go...Cripple Creek, Alaska, The Big Island of Hawaii, and a few points in between. She currently splits time between interior Alaska and Southwest Virginia. Jen's art focuses on the empowerment of womyn and men through the Sacred Feminine and the spiritual and intuitive aspects of birth. She is particularly interested in helping womyn and men look deep within for their own truth, beauty, faith, strength, compassion for themselves and others, a deeper connection to the feminine aspect of The Creator and the balance of masculine and feminine energies. Over the years she has developed her intuition as a tool for creating works of art that speak to people on a deeply personal and intuitive level.

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Friday, December 10, 2010

I wrote this in response to someone asking me what my definition of the Sacred Feminine is a start....

You are creation; you are creator, you are the breath of life in all nature....Devi, Devi, Devi. - Ammachi

Sue Monk Kidd has a wonderful book call The Dance of the Dissident Daughter. Which if you have not read is a small gem, full of good juicy stuff. Anyway, she talks about her journey of awakening to the Sacred Feminine. She realized as have alot of us, that God has more than one face...there is the Masculine face as presented in religions all over the world and there is also a Feminine Face. Many of us grow up not even cognatively knowing that there is a feminine face at all...although our spirit, our souls, as women and men innately know there must be more. The Sacred Feminine is the mother, the female lover, Shakti (the destroyer), the Creatrix. In the Bible it states that we, as men and women are created in the image of God...that is proof in itself that God is both masculine and feminine. There are lots of other theological, philosophical, spiritual, and religious texts worldwide to support this thought, as well. Sue Monk Kidd states that the Sacred Feminine "simply means the divine in female form."(pg. 72 Dance of The Dissident Daughter). Another interesting tidbit is that...."The word mother comes from the Latin work Mater, which means matter. Mother and Matter are both the stuff out of which everything is composed."(pg 65 Dance of the Dissident Daughter)

Balance is the key...balance between the masculine and the feminine...this is my quest, anyway. Sue Monk Kidd says, "men and women contain both "masculine" and "feminine" qualities and the goal is to balance, blend, and honor both within the individual culture." (pg63 Dance Of the Dissident Daughter) All of this is within each individual to heal, nurture, balance, and celebrate! The Zohar states, "Male and female He created them." From here we learn: Any image that does not embrace male and female is not high and true." (The Kabbalah)

To me and from what I have read The Sacred Feminine, the Mother, allows you to go into the darkness, the find a place in the light. It is the aspect of God/dess that allows for your healing, holding space for you inside and out. China Galland is another writer that delves into that shadow. She has an awesome book called, Longing for Darkness.